Does your Corgi nip heels?

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    Does your Corgi nip heels?

    When I first became interested in the Corgi breed I came across the problem of heel nipping. Iíve personally never had this problem with either of the Corgis Iíve owned. They have never even offered to nip heels but Iím assuming Corgis are notorious for it considering it was a warning for the breed. I can understand where it would come from considering they are a herding breed. While looking for a breeder to buy from I came across a puppy a woman was selling. She apparently had bought the puppy for her toddler but came across the heel nipping information & decided to sell the puppy before even giving the poor girl a chance. My Corgi is great with my nieces who are both under the age of 5. So does your Corgi nip heels? Is the breed really so bad about it? Have I just been lucky with my Corgis?
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    My Sushi very, very rarely will nip a heel with people, I mean I have seen her do it maybe 2-3 times and she is now 8 months old. Now with other animals she does it all the time, she nips the cats and our 80 # chocolate lab to heard them. She will be so relentless with our lab that he will give up and just lay there out of frustration because she is so fast and he cant catch her ! LOL... its quite comical !
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    Some Corgis revert to their great value as cattle herding dogs and nip heals and backs of legs of some people to varying degrees - mostly it is harmless and done only with good intentions - playing, attention-seeking, a plea against your going away, perceived or otherwise neglect etc. Typically, Corgis of today do not nip anything or anyone at all.
    Taylor, my present Pembroke Corgi is not into nipping anyone but he did use to pull down the pyjama pants of my youngest son on playful occasions. My first Corgi did a little and amusing nipping at my heels sometiimes when I was going out the door and leaving him behind, Almost all nipping Corgis can be easily trained to refrain from this habit.
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    Welcome to the forum, Cosmos. Puppies will play-nip, especially when children run and yell but it can be easily corrected. (Educating children as to proper games to play and correcting the behavior on the corgi.)

    My corgis come from working stock, so I still see the behavior, but it is displayed in nose-pushing, not nipping, when around humans. I can feel the gentle nudges when we are headed to the kitchen for breakfast or getting ready to go out for a walk or ride in the car.
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    Lucy can be relentless with heel nipping. She will suddenly focus on feet and it begins! If I stop and stand still she will then bark. She seems to think it's a game. She's not at all malicious about it.
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    Neither of mine nip heels. Dillon does do what Snowberry described.. bumping the back of your leg with his nose when he wants you to move along.. but never putting teeth on skin.. that is a BIG no no. By the way, we did take him out on sheep for his herd instict test and he was a natural- still had all his insticts for herding.. and he never did put a tooth on the sheep...

    Gus also passed his Herd Instict Test with strong herding instinct but he never nips.

    They do herd other dogs though.. our neighbor made the mistake of allowing her dog to slip through the fence into our fenced yard ( she didnt even TRY to stop the dog) and Both my dogs ran after her, working together to corral her into a corner and essentially hold her there until her owner came and grabbed her. I didnt bother stopping it becuase they were not hurting her dog and it taught her dog a valuable lesson of what the fence means.. she has never been over in our yard since despite the fact she can squeeze through the fence.

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    Gally nipped heals when he was little. I think it was his way of getting our attention more than anything. We just ignored him and the behavior stopped. If a corgi does nip heals it is definitely something that can be trained.

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