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    Question Boots for Corgis?

    I don't post often, mainly because I have dial-up, and I just don't have a lot of spare time. I live in a cold and snowy area (Northwestern PA), and although our Pembroke, Gizmo loves the snow, the cold seems to bother his pads. We have had him for nearly 2 years, and have never been able to find a pair of boots that fit him properly. I saw something (maybe a cream)at a feed store that you put on their paws to protect them, but my husband is concerned about using it. Has anyone had any experience with this type of product, or has anyone been able to find a pair of boots that fit?
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    Hi Ellen,

    I live in Toronto with two Corgis and know what you mean about the snow and cold. Our main problem is all of the salt used to melt the ice and snow. I have used a cream for mine that just helped keep their pads from drying out - I wipe their feet off with a damp cloth after being out,then apply it when we are inside. The creams that are made for dogs are safe if they lick them.

    I'm sure you can find some boots that will fit - good luck keeping them on! Most of my friends who have tried them with their dogs have had no luck unless they started them as pups!
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    I presume that you can buy sled dog boots (socks or booties) from pet supply stores in the region you live in. These are actually used for dry surface running and not in snow, but they do the trick. You are unlikely to find a set of four small emough for a Corgi's feet but with a little sewing skills, the socks/booties can be made to fit. I am certain sled dog booties are available through the internet. They are used to protect dogs feet on dry surfaces for training and racing that involved up to hundreds of kilometres a week.
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    I live in Wisconsin so we have lots of cold and snow also. I haven't looked for any boots, but I ordered a product called Mushers Secret from Drs. Foster Smith. It says it is non toxic and will not stain carpeting. This was originally developed for the use on sled dogs paws. It says it is guaranteed to eliminate snowballing and salt burn on toes and also protects their paws from hot pavement in the summer. This may be a product that can be somewhat helpful in protecting Gizmos paws from the elements. But I would be interested in hearing if there are any boots that would fit a corgi, though I don't know if Cody would keep them on.
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    I live in Connecticut and we get our share of snow ( not much this year yet) and I bought Dillon Mutluck boots for christmas last year and even though i sized them correctly according to the manufacturer, the front feet fit fine but the back ones were too wide for his feet and continued to fall off. He also hated them and tended to trip on the front ones as well, so I decided to go with mushers secret which linda posted where you can get that. I bought some and actually tried it out on our first snow and it worked fine. This product is nontoxic, protects against road salt, ice forming between the toe pads and from ice cuts and actually can be used in hot weather to protect the paws from hot pavement as well. I have used this product a few times as it can be used on cuts and rough cracked paw pads , and he doesnt lick it off, it goes on easily and does help keep his pads looking better.

    It is worth a try. The mutlucks would only work if you have a dog that has front and back feet all the same size ( which in a corgi just isnt the case)

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the comment on hot pavement and the cream. I am going to get some for Chip. That is the problem we have in TN. Whenever I am walking Chip in the summer, I am repeatedly bending down to feel how hot the pavement is or carrying him.

    A Good Home, Loving Family and Three Loyal Corgis at my feet - I am truly Blessed.
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    I will be interested to see how you think it works on the hot pavement. Our days of hot pavement in CT are long gone!!! I worry in the summer too, i try to walk Dillon early in the morning and later in the evening so he is never out at noon on hot pavement. Are you still getting hot days there in TN? I am actually In NC right now and the high yesterday was 45 which beat our 19 degree and wind back in CT, so no complaints! here and today will be in the 50's and tomorrow the 60's -so that is loads better ( break out the t-shirt LOL!!)
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    I picked up a pair of Muttluks for Tucker. We walk along the salted roads in the winter and it wasa the salt and chemicals the state highway folks use that frightened me. On-line there is sizing advice for buying Muttluks and I think Tuck's fit him. But he was just not going to wear them.

    I have Mucher's Secret and use that instead.

    Interestingly.... we had a real cold snap last week (11 degrees and next week we should be back in the 40's!). Lulu who loves to be outdoors didn't like the cold on her feet.

    Time will tell what her deal is!
    Susan in Upstate NY w/ Tucker and Lulu
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    i've thought of getting Muttlucks for Milo, they seem like a good idea. They would protect his feet from salt and cinders and the cold. I just haven't gone through with it because I have a feeling it will be a battle royale to get them on him and keep them on. Then I saw the paw cream at a pet store and thought hmmm....that may be a better route to go. I never heard of Mushers Secret, I saw some other type of cream, but i'm going to try it. Thanks for the info!
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    I tried another one of the creams and it did not work nearly as well, it was really waxy and it left greasy foot prints on the wood floors, unlike the mushers secret which seems to either absorb or dry more than the other brand i tried. the one i tried was an 8 in 1 brand foot protectant. I do like the mushers secret much better...
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    I tried the boot thing twice last year. The first pair were too small for the front feet, and the 2nd pair fell off (corgis are so difficult to size!!). So then I got the Musher's Secret, and that works great. I also spritz Jackie's feet with clean water when we come inside and dry them off with her towel, just to make sure she doesn't lick any toxic salt off her feet.
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