Can Corgis swim?

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    Can Corgis swim?

    I know this sounds like a dumb question... but do Corgis swim easily?

    My dobes need life jackets to keep themselves above water - they're shaped like barracudas, they have very little buoyancy. However, both are realy and willing to go swimming, and both are trained to make beach rescues. They took to it naturally, they'll swim out and "retrieve" someone, then bring them to shore.

    I'd like to take Ada to the lake so she can swim with the dobes, but is she capable of swimming? Will she need a life jacket for life, or just during the training stage? My dogs will always wear life jacketswhen they're out boating, but it would be nice to let Ada swim "nekkid" when we go to the beach.

    Thanks guys!
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    oh yes they sure can- its more like will they!
    Wicca loves to swim and will go for as long as I let her. Sam is very afraid but can sometimes be bribed to go in. If he sees Wicca having fun then he of course wants to play too!
    I think lifejackets would be at your own discretion. Where I live we swim in rivers. some are fast flowing and others not so much. I don't put lifejackets on either of my two but I keep a close eye on them.

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    Byron's first expirence was with the ocean.

    He followed a couple of larger dogs into the water and was OK until a wave hit him and he was over his head for a bit.

    He didn't enjoy it but he swam our of it.

    I did put him in a pool with me and again he really didn't like it. He wanted to get out.

    But there are many other Corgi's who love to go into the water at the beach we go and retrieve things. They seem to do well..
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    They can if they want to. My dogs are water freaks - love it!!! My dog who passed away in the summer would have been happy to never walk on land. Loved the lake, pool, creek and river.

    I suggest you use a life jacket for her until she gets her sea legs. I recommend the brand Outward Hound - they are the bets made and will stay put and keep their heads up. Corgis can be quite tippy while learning - then they are like little torpedos!! Even with the jacket on, I never leave mine unattended - think of them as children - you wouldn't let them in the water without supervision either.
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    My Rhys loves to swim! If you look at his dogster page, I have a video of him in action at the dog park. People are always surprised when he emerges from the water: if they didn't see him go in, they are always shocked that he's got such short legs!

    I am still trying to get Andy to swim, though. Maybe she'll grow to like it. Dog park weather has finally started!
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    YESSSS! I'm so glad to hear this! We were worried that she wouldn't be able to swim, on account of her little corgi legs and loooong body... looks like she's able to though!

    I love the life jackets I've got for the dobes, not sure what brand they are though. They're neoprene, with wiiide support straps on the tummy and chest. They work very well. I'll look for a smaller size for Miss Ada, but I'll wait until she gets older and it's officially "swimming weather". We still have ten inches of snow here!

    Thanks everyone!
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    I've put Lady in the water only a couple of times, but in each instance she seems to not grasp the idea of swimming. I will try more this summer once I get in bikini shape, I mean swim trunk shape.
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    Chip's life jacket is an Outward Hound too and they really work well. He fell off the boat when we were in swimming and he popped right back up. I left the gate open in hopes he would jump in with us and I was watching him so I just swam over to him and put him on my stomach and floated him back to the boat. I have tried the pool and a little wading pool with Chip and the lake - he doesn't like it. Now Dale will stand in his water bowl and doesn't mind the rain so I am hoping he will like to swim. Maybe he will intice his brother to go in.

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    Sure.. If they want to take the plunge. I have four. Each with their own ideas about the water. Bucky, fell in the pool once when he was a few months old and I think has decided he prefers the shallow end of the pond. But, the girls Red, Angel and Bernie LOVE IT!!!. They will dive-in off the dock and chase the geese... all day if I let them. Red loves to fetch anything that floats in the water.
    So introduce Ada to the water with care so she feels safe and just sit back and watch her have all the fun!!!

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    I can't wait to introduce Zia to the water this summer.
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    A Corgi who is keen to get wet can swim very proficiently from two months.
    I had Corgis who have been very strong swimmers, able to stay swimming in fairly quick flowing rivers for some considerable time and go back swimming time and again especially if they are in for a game of fetching a stick from way out into a river. I wouild never dream of puting a life jacket on them. Life jackets for dogs in New Zealand is almost unheard of anyway.

    A friend has a new Pem Corgi pup and he loves swimming and is very good at it. He is super slim and undersized.

    Without doubt, an overweight Corgi will not be able to swim up to their potential.
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    We don't jacket Rosie generally, if she is just swimming or at the beach, but if we're in a situation where we jacket ourselves i.e. out kayaking or boating, then we do the same for her. Even in New Zealand......
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    I took Chip & Dale for a walk by the river last night (Dale's first official walk since he now has all of his shots) and Dale kept looking at the river so I walked them over there. Chip stayed on the bank but Dale waded right in up to his tummy. He was on leash of course and seemed to love it so I went right home and ordered his life jacket for the boat. I think he is going to be a swimmer

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    Miller learned to swim by accident ... he ran after a black lab and the lab jumped into the water and he followed. He was scared at first and so was I ... I pulled off my shoes and go ready to jump in after him ... then off he went swimming well too. Molsen however does not like to swim. He was walking on the boardwalk one and slipped off the edge. His back feet went in and he was mad and started mumbling doggie swears under his breath ... He is more of the sit back and watch kind of dog.
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    I've been wondering about this as our Tosca seems fascinated by water. We walk our dogs on a golf course with ponds, and we're careful not to let them get close enough to jump in. But this spring after a fast thaw of 20+ inches of snow, we've had lots of standing water and deep puddles in the low spots. Our cocker steers clear of them, but Tosca wades right in and seems to love getting wet. The first time she was surprised by water up to her belly she went back, looked in and pawed at it, then charged through it a second time. It was like watching a little kid learn something cool and then get absorbed in it. She'd have splashed through that puddle all day if the rest of us hadn't gotten cold.

    So I wondered if there's something in their breed that's used to water, but it doesn't sound as if it's in their nature like a lab or golden. Some like it and some don't, is that it? Also, she's oblivious to discomfort, whereas the cocker can't ward off the cold and wet with his long coat. She seems weatherproof.
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