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    Incontinence Solution!

    As you may know, Wendy suffers from a bit of incontinence. In fact, that is the reason that it took her 3-4 years to be placed in a forever home. Since taking her in, we have simply fallen in love and have been determined to find a way to manage the incontinence so we could keep her (in our newly recarpeted home).
    She went to the vet yesterday and he is working on the medical end. She happens to have a bladder infection at present, which is a recurring theme for her. While he tries to manage it medically though, we have found a solution so that she can have the run of the house without damaging the rugs. In case any of you ever should need this, I highly recommend it! It is called a Tinkle Trouser, and it holds a diaper in place. For those of you who have seen photos of Wendy's belly draggin' on the floor, you can probably imagine that fancy pants from the pet store were not going to stay in place. This garment has a harness around the neck, straps around the belly, and straps up between the legs that all connect by plastic clasps in the center of the back. It is easy to put on (she cooperates) and best of all, IT WORKS! It is a little more expensive than the fancy pants ($52 plus s/h for a size to fit dogs 30-40 lbs) but certainly much cheaper than replacing the carpets througout the house. She seems perfectly comfortable in it. The vet does not feel that having a diaper in place will have an adverse impact on her health either. The web address (if I'm not mistaken) is, or you can find it by browsing for the product name.
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    That is an interesting garmet. I have not seen that before and I am glad to hear that it is working for Wendy. She is lucky to have you
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    I agree with Linda...Wendy is very lucky to have you. I haven't seen that either.
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    Well done. Elderly dogs can suffer from incontinence just like humans and to have a specially produced diaper pants that can do the trick and allow a dog to remain inside the house and keep their bedding etc dry, is excellent.
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    Glad that you have found something that works. I know how hard it is to find solutions to issues and you try a bunch of products that claim to work and when you find the one that does it is such a joy and you want to tell everyone! I will keep this product in mind for down the road if i should ever need this for any of my pets, do they make them for cats too? just curious...i will have to check this out.

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    Great solution! what do you use as padding? A regular diaper or do they use a different pad?

    This issue is something many of us may face as our corgi gets older
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    Hooray Heatheranne! So glad that all of your searching finally paid off! You must be SOOO happy!
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    Hello again,

    I looked at the Tinkle Trousers web page and yes, there is a picture of a cat wearing one too.

    As far as the 'absorbency' goes, they seem fairly flexible. They have velcro tabs inside so that a disposable baby diaper (velcro type, not adhesive type) will stay in place. The package insert guides you on which size diaper goes in which size trousers. Wendy is housebroken, so she doesn't need the absorbency of an entire baby diaper, just something to get the drips. In an attempt to be environmentally sensitive (and wanting to save $$ because I feel like I just got my daugher OUT of diapers!) I decided to use cloth. They stay in fine as well with no velcro. Now I am wondering if disposables would do a better job of keeping her dry and helping the infection clear up faster, so I may switch.
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    The vet may prescribe Proin (it's big fancy name is phenylpropylalanine or something similer to that) - since I've also got dobes, I can tell you that Proin is a great medication, and very cheap. Dobermans are suseptible to spay-incontinence, and Proin is what virtually every occasionally-dribbly Dobergirl is on.

    If your vet charges a lot for it, you can but it online for less than $10 at
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    Glad to hear the it is workiing for Wendy, and Sizzledog, what a great pic.
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    Thank you for the tinkle trousers advice. I will try them. We save a puppy from a bullet because she "tinkled" and the breeder thought maybe just an infection. It was and more. Maggie suffered from double Ectopic Ureters. We took her from Montana to Portland Oregon in November 2010 for the specialized surgery. Brought her home and she is still leaking!!! She has been on Proin since we got her, got rid of infections. I tried Homeo Pet Leaks No More and that didn't work, now we are trying Bladder Support and another product from Only Natural Pet. Not working yet. We have even gone through a washer and dryer from washing bedding and towels so much!!! She is 11 months old now and the surgeon thinks her muscles may still develop enough to help her stop leaking. She was spayed at 7 months. Anyone have a similar issue?? Thanks so much.

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