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This is a discussion on hip dysplasia within the Health Issues & Questions forums, part of the Health & Wellness category; Our 9 yr. old corgi, Kozzie, was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Well, the vet did not call it that, ...

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    Unhappy hip dysplasia

    Our 9 yr. old corgi, Kozzie, was just diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Well, the vet did not call it that, but by the xrays and her explanation, I am saying that is what it is. The ball of his hip does not fit into the socket the way that it should. She said our options were to give him NSAIDs and to limit his running. regular walking or swimming would be fine, but not his usual run like the wind at the dog park. She said that hip replacement in corgis is not very common in that the replacement parts come from humans and they are too big for corgis. She said that they could scrape some of the bone away and scar tissue would form and that could help. I don't know what to do. I am sure that surgery would be extremely expensive, but the NSAIDs are not doing the trick. He will be fine one day and the next he is so sad and just lays in his kennel like he needs help getting up. He has been very active up until last week. I don't want him to be in constant pain. Has anyone ever had a corgi with hip replacement or found something that worked? I would appreciate any information. Thanks!!
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    Without going into detail about hip problems in dogs including HP, have you thought of getting a dog wheelchair for your poor Kozzie? They can very successfully replace a dog's back legs and let a dog do most anything that an able legged dog can do. I know a brilliant dog wheelchair producer in the USA who produces dog wheelchairs for Corgis in being very specific on the individual measurements of a Corgi.
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    Sorry to hear about Kozzie. As for corrective type surgeries, I'd recommend joining the Corgi-L discussion list The OFFICIAL Corgi-L Home Page! and ask on there. I know a few list members have been through some similar type surgeries on that list. Also set up to log into the archives of Corgi-L and do a search.

    Supplements can sometimes help - fish oil, glucosamine/chondrotin are a couple. Just check with your vet (and hope she's open to supplemental treatments) about using them in conjunction with the NSAIDs. I know many vets recommend them in addition to the NSAIDs. It does take some time for the supplements to begin to help, so those you need to give about a month before making a decision as to whether they are helping or not. Keeping him on the leaner side also helps to take some stress off of his joints.

    Moderate exercise can help keep him mobile and swimming is a great low impact therapy and exercise. Building up his hip muscles can help with his mobility.

    Should you want to look into the carts or doggie wheel chairs as Michael called them, your best resource for getting advice on the different makes is the Wheel Corgis list. They can advise about measuring Kozzie for one, along with physical therapy advice, support ... just a wealth of information.
    wheelcorgis : Corgis on Wheels
    Corgi Aid also has a cart loaner program
    CorgiAid:CorgiAid Cart Program

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    Smile hip dysplasia

    Thank you so much for the reply to our post!! I have subscribed to the Corgi-L page and am looking into those options. I will keep you updated on Kozzie's progress. Today he is his usual fun-loving self!!

    Thanks Again!!

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