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    Shaky Legs

    Hey all-

    I'm new here and have found that just browsing thru these forums has given me a lot of information about Corgis

    I am a new Corgi (Pembroke) owner (actually first time dog owner too) and my new Corgi is about 2 1/2 months old. I love my little puppy to death but my husband and I noticed something about him a few days after getting him (we got him from a breeder online). We noticed that his front legs, and sometimes his back legs will shake. Its more prevalent when he's excited, but can happen for no reason at all. He's been to the Vet once, and I suppose the Vet didn't notice it, but we plan to discuss it with him when we take our Corgi back this weekend. Yeah I know, its bad of the breeder not to tell me about this, but for now, thats besides the point.

    After doing some research, the closest thing I have found to this is a neurological disorder called Hypomyelination. Luckily, there are just a couple of breeds that this disorder can affect a dog their whole lives, whereas a breed like the Corgi, they say the symptoms will disappear by their 1st birthday. Also luckily, it doesn't seem to bother my Corgi one bit. He's a very active, playful, and happy dog.

    I guess I was just curious if anyone else has had this problem before and any advice you could give me. I have a few other questions about him and I'll post those questions down the road

    Thanks in advance!
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    Without a doubt, Pem Corgis often have the shakes - especially with their back legs and it is more often due to feeling a little stressed or nervousness or maybe excitability - so it can come and go. When the Corgi feels more secure, the shaking will stop. A lot of it is to do with the vibes they get from their handler/s. Funny enough, Taylor ( my 3 year old Pem) never had any shaking until quite recently. When he does, I gently press my hand to the side of toe top of his back leg and he will stop, otherwise I say to him, no shaking - and he stops. But on the occasions he does shake a little,it is not always obvious that he is under some kind of pressure.
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    Every once in a great while, Chip's right front leg will twitch just a little when he is standing. Oddly enough, Digger had the same twitch for many years.

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    Glad you found Go Corgi! Welcome

    My Emma is more quite and not as outgoing as little sister Chloe. Sometimes if she is in a stressful situation one of her back legs will shake. Just a guess I would say your little puppy is just stressed from leaving the litter - once he settles in and feels secure the shaking will stop... but of course I'm not a Vet and haven't seen the puppy so if you are worried by all means see your Vet!

    While Em was going through the worst of her heartworm recovery her body was very stressed and weak. If we were walking in the yard a few minutes she would become very shaky. This was very upsetting for my granddaughter to watch. Now that she is almost 100% recovered the shaking has stopped. We go to the Vet tomorrow and if she checks out OK we are going to have a nice walk in the Park to celebrate!

    Please tell us more about you little boy - his name, pictures, stories when you get settled...
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    That is great news. Let us know what the Vet says.

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    I truly appreciate the feedback and it certainly makes me feel better about him. When we first got him into the Vet, he said our Corgi has an upper respiratory infection (to be fair, the Vet said it could have been caused from the way he got to us, which was via airplane - the experience may have made him ill). I wonder if perhaps that has added to his shakes but he has been on medication for over a week and his shakes have not improved at all. Like I said, he seems pretty happy overall and likes his environment so I'm not sure if I can attribute it to him getting used to his new surroundings at this point. Its pretty frequent, although not constant. I'll keep you all updated to if I find out more about him or his condition changes.

    By the way, his name in Ein. I have many many pictures of him and I'll post them soon
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    Welcome Karysmith! I'm also a first time corgi owner/lover. My Milo is 9 months old though. I'm not too familiar with the shaking but people on the forums are super helpful! Do post the pics of your lovely corgi! Good luck!
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    shaky legs

    Hi Kerrysmith -
    I'm so glad you joined and told us of your problem! I too have a pem, Skippy, whose back leg/s will shake. I've had him thoroughly examined and tests run by his vet, and they can find nothing wrong. (He just turned 4 years old) I have also noticed it happens when he's excited or stressed, but it will ease up if I pet the hip/s. And it is noticeable as people comment on it all the time, but I just tell them he's happy to see them - which is probably true. In researching, I found many causes for shaking, but as Skippy is in good health and has a wonderful disposition, I no longer worry about it -
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    Hi Karysmith,

    I have an 11 month old Corgi, named Cody. I have not seen his legs shake so sorry, I am not familiar with that or why that would happen.
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    Hi Kary,

    One of our singapore forum's Corgi gal hips shake while she walks too, the vet took a few test initially & said there was nothing wrong with her but another Vet said that she has some hip problem. I am confused but didn't ask much...
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    Welcome Kary! Can't wait to see pics of Ein.
    Like Linda, I have no experience with shaking . . . but that's the beauty of this site - you can almost always find someone who has been through what you have been through/are going through. Glad you found us, and some answers as well!
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    I seem to remember Rhys's legs being somewhat shaky when he was a small pup. My mom (who worked for a vet for 21 years) told me not to worry about it and it eventually went away.

    I would mention it to the vet when you are there. Better to be safe than sorry, but hopefully it will go away like it did for my pup.

    Good luck.

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